Dogsled Adventure - 2 days

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2 days / 1 night in nature with dogs and local people as your guides.

Have you ever dreamed of sitting on a dogsled in the Arctic? This might be an adventure for you.
Imagine this; You are dressed in warm sealskin and sit on a sled pulled by beautiful greenlandic sleddogs, above you the sky is clear and you might even enjoy the northern light dancing while driving toward the warm cabin. 

We pack the sled with our luggage and food for both dogs and humans, and then we set of towards the backcountry of Qasigiannguit. 
The first day we drive 35 km on land and frozen lakes to the cabin in Tasiusaq where we will spend the night. 
In the arctic darkness you can enjoy a cup of something warm while watching the mountains covered in snow, hopefully with a clear sky above and maybe even with the northern lights dancing. 

After breakfast on day two we suit up for another day outside and start the 35 km drive back to Qasigiannguit.
Sealskin clothes, warm boots, sleeping equipment and food included.
Food will be either reindeer, muskox or fish.

Price 5.995 dkk pr. person
1-2 person pr. dogsled. Max 6 guets.
Duration: 2 days – Difficulty level: 2

See calender for information of the next tours.

Note: Since dogsledtours require some planning, espeally the longer tours we kindly ask you to request the tour. When you request a tour we get back you as soon as possible with a confirm or a suggestion for another clock or day. Thank you for your understanding. 

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1 night in cabin. Sealskin clothes, warm boots, sleeping equipment and food included