Meet ‘n Greet the Arctic Dog    

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At Team Diskobay Tours we have a large pack of arctic sled dogs, they are an important part of Team Diskobay Tours both summer and winter.
In summer we use them as company and to spread the word of the arctic dog. We have a wish to increase the focus of the importance of saving the arctic dog. There are less than 14.000 arctic sled dogs left in Greenland.
In winter season we use the dogs for dogsledding, with guests and for our own fun in our free time. The sled dog has been an important part of the history of people living in the Arctic. Scientists has proven that the arctic dog has been used in different ways, at least as company of the people for several thousands of years.

When you visit us and our dog team, we talk about the history of the arctic sled dog. We show you our equipment for dogsledding, and the use of it. Along with stories from our own experiences with the arctic dogs.

It will be possible to talk to some of our dogs, and since we have a huge pack there will be plenty of happy dogs that will be ready to meet ‘n greet.
We point out which dogs you easily talk with and we will be close by. Due to safety you are required to follow our instructions close.

We recommend wear practical and warm clothing. 

Duration : 1,5 hour
Difficulty level : 1 of 5
Age limit : 6 years old and up
Size limit : None
Number limit : 12 guests
Minimum : 4 guests
Price All guests : 250 danish kroner - all will be used for dogfood
Inclusive : Storytelling, lots of loving from dogs, overall and rubber boots

Please note that the tour is outside.
A sleddog is a working dog and not a pet, but by good daily training we are able to invite you close to our dogs. You might get dirty, as the kennel is dirty place.
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Meetingpoint Diskobay Tours Office, Fredericiap Aqq. 5, 3952 Ilulissat


Meet 'n Greet with a pack of happy, beautiful Arctic Sled Dogs