Glacier Adventure from Ilimanaq

From DKK 2'995

This is a must do tour, while visiting the Disko Bay
Did you spend the night in Ilimanaq Lodge, you canjoin us on adventure after your breakfast and join us all the way back to Ilulissat. Or the other way around, join us on the tour and we will drop you off in Ilimanaq afterwards.  

Do you like adventures? Would you like to walk on a glacier and look down the craves in the ice? Jump in the floatation suit and fasten the lifejacket. 

We start from Ilimanaq at 9.15 with a briefing and handout of floatationssuit and lifejacket.
From Ilimanaq we sail just south of Ilimanaq. 
At Itilliup Ilua we change vehicles and drive over land in the Argo's for aprox. 30 minutes before reaching the top of the mountain above the Tasiusaq fiord. A short hike downhill for about 100 meters to the beach Kiakkusuk.  Now its time to sail in a open boat with 90 hk motor. It will take us an hour to sail the 40 km from one end to the other of Tasiusaq fiord, passing by the opening to the Illulissat Icefiord, the dogsled track and a bird cliff before reaching our destination The Saqqarleq Glacier. 
Enjoy your lunch in the beautiful surroundings with this in mind, this group of people are the only ones in a radius of 35 km. 

Now we start the hike that will take us to the glacier. We walk along the mountain, getting closer to the glacier edge. Maybe you hear the cracking of the ice and maybe you see some of the wildlife in this remote area, but one thing is sure, this is AMAZING.
We step on the ice and here we provide you with spikes and hiking sticks before walking further up on the ice. Remember you water bottle so you can taste the fresh and cold water. 

Lunch, Coffee and Tea included.

Price 2.995,00 DKK
Minimum 4 persons

Duration: 7-8 hours – Difficulty level: 3-4
Minimum age 8 years old. We suggests all guests to be roughly in good shape.
This is a long, but fun, day outside and it can be demanding for a young child or for anyone with injuries. All day is outside - ice conditions, wind, rain, sun and mosquitos can be challenging for the diffeculty level.

Note: We ask for your size in order to give you a floatation suit that fits, remeber you wear all your warm clothes underneath. And please forgive us if we don't have excately your size, thank you.
Maksimum size on floationsuit is XXL.

From DKK 2'995

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Adventure with sailing, driving and hiking. Lunch included.