Qasigiannguit - Camp Qinngua Hike

We start in town in the morning, carrying our backpack with lunch, thermos and your private needs for the next 24 hours. Our hike takes us along the beautiful fiord Eqalunnguit approx. 16km. At the end of the fiord we find our campsite, a cozy spot in the middle of nowhere and everywhere. Arriving the campsite in the afternoon we have time to get water for some coffee and tea, at the river we will see if we can catch some arctic troud for dinner - the greenlandic way, using our hands.  Everybody helps foraging, preparing the dinner, making the coffee and doing the dishes.  After breakfast day two, we pack our backpack and sail back to Qasigiannguit.  Pack your daypack, tie your boots and bring your lunchpack on a fun and nice hike. 16 km from start to end.  Included in the price: Guide from Qasigiannguit Shared tent (two persons) Sleepinggear - bunk bed, sleepingbag and liner.  Camp-dinner in the evening and breakfast day 2.  Coffee & tea during the stay in the camp. Transfer from Camp Qinngua to Qasigiannguit.  Lots of good stories  Price 1495 dkk pr. person Minimum 4 persons Duration: aprox 24 hours – Difficulty level: 2-3 Note It is possible to buy an extra day in Camp Qinngua with activities It is possibleto buy boat transfer, if you prefer to sail than to hike

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Camp Qinngua Activity Camp

Want a day in a remote and beautiful area, but rather not take the hike? Stay in Camp Qinngua, our authentic and cozy camp with activities in the soft-adventure category. Arrive here by boat and get back to town by boat :)  From the habour we sail in an open boat to the campsite at the end of the fiord, Eqalunnguit; A cozy spot in the middle of nowhere and everywhere.  Here your of activities can begin. We need to get water for the coffee and tea, also we need to start foraging for dinner - first task (while getting water) is to catch some arctic char - the greenlandic way - with your hands.  A hike to the top in the back of the campsite to collect barries and herbs, maybe we will spot a muskox or two.  You have time to sit and enjoy a cup of something warm, while looking at the beautiful view, reading your book or maybe take a arctic dip. Everybody helps cooking the dinner, making the coffee and doing the dishes.  After breakfast day two we sail back to Qasigiannguit.  We offer different activities Hike to one of the tops, scouting for muskoxes  Foraging for arctic char, codfish, berries, herbs, mussels  Fun swimming with rescue-suits  The area invites you to relaxing, reading, meditate, meeting other guests and last but not least listening to the stories of our country & our culture   The beach is also a nice spot for a arctic dip. Included in the price Guide Shared tent (two people) Sleepinggear - bunk bed, sleepingbag and liner.  All meals in the camp Coffee & tea ad libitum Boat transfer from Qasigiannguit to Camp Qinngua and back  Lots of good stories  Price 1995 dkk pr. person Minimum 4 persons Duration: aprox 24 hours – Difficulty level: 1-3

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Camp Qinngua - a overnight stop on your hike

Pack your backpack with your things, snack and food for the hike, but rent our tent, sleepinggear and kitchenfacilities in Camp Qinngua Would you like to hike from Qasigiannguit to Ilimanaq on your own, but not carry your tent and sleepingbag look no further.  It is possible to rent a two person tent with sleepinggear in our Camp Qinngua. Included in the price Shared tent, two persons  Sleepinggear - bunkbed, sleepingbag & liner  Shared fully equipped kitchentent  Shared toilettent  Fantastic view  The possibillity to catch arctic char in the river, collect mussels at the beach, collect barries and herbs and watch the wildlife. Price: 600 dkk pr. person Before you start the hike, we meet you to brief you about the campsite and give you the code for the lock on the tent. 

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Qasigiannguit - Ilimanaq Hike

Do you love to hike, but would you rather not carry all of your luggage, the tent and all gear?  Look no further, we can arrange that just for you.  We start our hike in Qasigiannguit and walk though the cosy town and follow the trail towards the fiord Eqalunnguit.  On day one we follow Eqalunnguit all day as we get closer to out campsite halfway to Ilimanaq.  At the end of the fiord we find our camp allready set up, our luggage and gear placed in the tents. While getting water for a nice cup of something warm, we can see if we are lucky to cath som arctic char in the stream, using just our hands the traditional way. Maybe this could be our dinner this night after a fantastic hike.  After breakfast day two we start the hike towards Ilimanaq, this hike will take us further into the backcountry and if we are lucky we just might see som of the fantastic animallife living here.  Note: Luggage and gear will be sailed to our destinations, you only carry a daypack with your lunch, water bottle and what your personal needs for a day in the mountains.  Dinner day one, breakfast and lunch day two is included in this tour. Aswell as transfer of luggage to campsite day one and to Ilimanaq day two, and all sleepinggear at campsite.  Price 1.995 dkk pr. person Minimum of 4 persons.  Duration: 2 days – Difficulty level: 4  

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Nice to know about Camp Qinngua

The camp is authentic and basic, it is a way for us to show you some of the typical activities for a family in Greenland. Everybody joins in on the adventures and the foraging, cooking the dinner, making the coffee and doing the dishes.

Two bunkbeds pr. tent, sleepingbags & sleepingliners. All meals, coffee and tea are included. If you buy the guided hikes or the activity camp, all meals and activities such as guided hikes, fishing, collecting herbs and storytelling are also included. And of course storytelling about life in Greenland, seen and told from a greenlandic context and culture.
There is a big kitchentent with seats for all. The toilettent is shared.

The campsite has a maximum capacity on 12 persons