Diskobay Tours is a tour operator based in Qasigiannguit, offering tours all seasons. 
Explorer a small and authentic town, recieve a personal tour with us.

During the summer you can join us glacier walking on Saqqarliup Sermia, to get there we must drive with an UTV and sail with an open boat. 
Join us on boattrips to the unique finding spot of the ancient inuit, The Saqqaq people, visit abandoned settlements or whalewathing. We can take you on short hike close to Qasigiannguit or longer hikes to Ilimanaq with an night spend in our canp halfway. Or we can even provide you with a private guide from your arrival in the Diskobay area till you departure. 

In wintertime we are proud to take you on a fantastic adventure, traveling the traditional way, using the dogsled. Let go of your comfortzone and join us on an adventure, with no wi-fi and only our little group of people and the dogs. We can arrange tours traveling from a one day tour to several days, with nights spend in a cosy cabin or in a heated tent. If we are lucky, we will have the entertainment of the Northern light dancing above us.

Diskobay Tours has a team of local guides, skilled mushers and a huge pack of sleddogs. 
We are all proud of our hometown, our country and our culture and we would love to share it all with you. 


Below you can meet our team of guides.


Takuss / See you 


Skipper, Guide

Emanuel Poulsen 
I am 23 years old. I live in Qasigiannguit. 

I am born and raised in Greenland, I speak greenlandic, danish and a little english. 

I work on the boats and as a guide-support. In off seasons I work at the factory in Qasigiannguit. 
I love hiking and use many hours in nature, hiking and taking pictures.

Captain on MS Tulugaq, Guide

Niels Arkaluk Heilmann

I am born in Denmark but raised in Greenland, and speak Greenlandic, Danish and English.

When I was a child I used to run around and play in Qasigiannguit and Ilulissat. In short, I know all parts of our town and you will be ensured a local and personal tour in Qasigiannguit and our backcountry.

Sailing is my favourite part of my job. The sea in the Diskobay is so beautiful and filled with life. That is also the reason that I like the Glacier Adventure tour, I get to sail so close to our massive glacier and I get to walk on it as well.
For now, I have a gapyear after my IB graduation. I hope to start the university afterwards.
I have finished a course as a captain on the passengerboats, so you will often see me in one of the boats, but also as a guide and doing practical things on land. 

I hope that we will meet in our beautiful little town hidden in the north.




Sonja Berthelsen

I am born and raised here in Qasigiannguit, I speak greenlandic, danish, english and a little german. 
I love learning new languages and cultures, in highschool I had lots of classes with foreign languages. And I love telling about our culture, stories and my life here in Qasigiannguit. 
I work as a guide, and I am looking forward to greeting you and take you on adventures in and around our town.

Guide, Dogs

Vibe Torgersen
My name is Vibe, and I grew up in Seattle. I speak danish and english.

This summer I finished gymnasium in Denmark and now I have a gap-year, the first part I spend here in Greenland, working as a tourguide and taking care of the sleddogs in Diskobay Tours. 

You will find me on tours in and around Qasigiannguit, aswell as at the dogkennel.


Guide, Skipper, Musher, Administration, Owner

Nivé Heilmann

I am born and raised in Greenland, and speak Greenlandic, Danish and English.

I have been working with tourism on and off since 1996, first next to my studies and then combined with my work and in my free time and now full time. I love adventures and as an turoperator I get to create adventures for guests and myself.
The sled dogs are a big part of my work, as they need a lot of care every day. To me the dogs are part of Team Diskobay just as much as the rest of us.

In summer my favourite tour is the Glacier Adventure, where you get to sail, drive and hike in one tour. In winter it is all the dogsledding tours.

Private I love to hunt, proudly I will say that my family mostly lives of what we hunt our self. Also I rarely leave my house without my knitting, if I have to sit still I might as well knit. 

I am looking forward to greeting you in our beautiful country.


Guide, skipper

Aqqalu Lange

I am born and raised in Greenland, I speak greenlandic, danish and english. 
I am raished and lived most of my life in Ilimanaq, as an adult I have lived in other places of Greenland, due to workpossibilities and my family. 
As a child Ilimanaq was my playground and where I had my apprenticeship training. Now I live of what I learned as a child, as a fisherman in the area of Ilimanaq and Ilulissat. To me, it is a fantastoc feeling of freedom siling in this beautiful nature. 
I started working in tourism in 2021, and I am looking forward to a summer filled with fun adventure with tourists.

Guide, Dogs, Shop

Anne Naduk Heilmann

I was born and raised in Greenland, and speak Greenlandic, Danish and English.

As a little girl Qasigiannguit and Akulliit was my playground. I grew up with sleddogs, and used to train them with my parents, as I dreamed of a life as a fisher. Today I dance classic ballet and modern dance and loves science. I study IB in Denmark, and are only back in Greenland during holidays and schoolbreaks. 

I am mostly guiding in Qasigiannguit and the area around, but you will also see me at the dogkennel and in the shop.




Guide, Skipper

David Brandt

I am born an raised in Greenland, I speak greenlandic, danish and english.
I am 24 years old and living in Aasiaat. I like to be outside and has been working as a fisherman in some time. I share a pack of sleddogs with my brother. I love sports, but mostly handball. I have studied as an Adventure Guide in Southgreenland.


Rudolf Villadsen 
I am born and raised in Greenland. I speak greenlandic, danish and engelsh.

I have lived in Qasigiannguit, Ilimanaq and Denmark.

I love being with guest and showing my land, telling the stories of our culture.

I work as a guide and you will find me on tours in Ilimanaq and Qasigiannguit. 

Captain on MS Tulugaq, Guide, Musher, Administration, Owner

Frank Larsen

I was born and raised in Denmark, but I’ve been living in Greenland since 2004. I speak Greenlandic, Danish and English.

The first 5 years I lived in the settlement Kullorsuaq, where I worked as a teacher. Since that I’ve been living in another small place, Kangaatsiaq, before I moved to Qasigiannguit.

During the 5 years in Kullorsuaq I spend a lot of time with the local hunters. They taught me a lot about dogsledding, hunting and boating in the arctic. Especially dogsledding became my big passion.

In 2014 I started Diskobay Tours, and in 2016 I decided to quit my job, and go full time in the company. I turned to tourism because I really think that our corner of Greenland has some things to offer to guest that travel to here to experience the unique nature and culture.

When I’m not on tours with guests, I like to go out on my own, hunting, fishing or just exploring new areas of our backcountry.




All pictures on this homepage is either by or for Diskobay Tours, or given to us as a gift. 
A special thank you to all the guests on the pictures and to the photografers:

Niels Arkaluk Heilmann, Tuuma Sørensen, Tina Norup, Alex Møberg, Jørgen Jensen, Corrado Bina, Maria Elena Gasperini.