Dogsledding 1,5 hour

Captivating 1,5 hour dogsledding expedition through the mesmerizing landscapes of Greenland, where the ancient and storied tradition of mushing meets the pristine beauty of the Arctic.
Lokaltion Ilulissat, Diskobay Tours Kennel
Duration 1,5 hour
Difficulty level 2 of 5 (dogsledding can be a bumby ride)
Price 12 y.o and up 1295 dkr / 174 euro
Price 6-11 y.o 650 dkr / 88 euro
Price 3-5 y.o 500 dkr / 67 euro
Group size 1-6 persons
Time of the year November - April (depending on the snowconditions
Inclusive Dogsledding, storytelling and lots of fun
What to bring Dress warmly in layers, sturdy boots. Your camera.

Meet Greenland's Living Heritage - Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Greenland as you bond with the extraordinary Greenlandic dogs. These remarkable creatures have been companions to the Inuit people for generations, embodying resilience, strength, and an unwavering connection to this land.

Glide Through Arctic Wonders - Feel the rush of crisp Arctic air as you glide across snow-covered plains and icy trails. Your experienced musher will guide you through this winter wonderland.

Authentic Encounters - Engage with local guides and learn about the fascinating relationship between the musher and the magnificent Greenlandic sled dogs. Discover their integral role in transportation, hunting, and daily life in the Arctic.

Create Lasting Memories - Capture the magic of the Arctic on camera as you bond with these incredible dogs, forming unforgettable connections and memories that will last a lifetime.

Add On Possibility - The booking site will offer you an add on to your booking, here you can choose warm sealskind clothes and big boots.

Who is this tour for?
This adventure is perfect for the traveler seeking a blend of cultural immersion, outdoor exploration, and a deep appreciation for the unique bonds between humans and animals. Whether you're an avid adventurer or simply seeking a meaningful and memorable experience, this dogsledding tour promises to leave an indelible mark on your Greenlandic journey.

We warmly welcome families, if you are going on a trip with children under the age of 12, we appriciate that you contact us before booking. It can be challenging to keep warm on the sled, but it varies greatly from child to child. 
All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied of an adult.



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Join Us in Celebrating Greenland's Unique Culture and Arctic Wonders on an Unforgettable Dogsledding Adventure!

- 1,5 hour tour in all
- Dogsledding including introduction to the sled and the dogs before and after the tour
- Inuit culturel heritage
- Authentic Arctic Sled dogs - Including their hugs
- Local guides and mushers 
- Supporting the Greenlandic culture and smaller local businesses