Terms and conditions


General information

All prices given on the homepage is the true prices. The only fee added are such as the fee charged by banks for handling the transaction. In Greenland VAT or any other taxes are not added on tours, transportations or accommodations.

Diskobay Tours have done the best to avoid misprint in our advertisements and in our homepage, but of course it could occur. Diskobay Tours reserves the rights to make changes in schedules, prices and minimum number of passengers.

Please notice that Diskobay Tours office is placed in Qasigiannguit, south east in the Diskobay, our time zone is GMT -3.



Diskobay Tours has a product insurance through Kalaallit Forsikring. Please notice that this do not cover for personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on a tour it is at one’s own expense or insurance.  We therefore recommend that you check with your insurance company that you have an insurance that cover these cases.

All boats used by Diskobay Tours are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for passenger service. All boats and vehicles has insuarance that cover passenger service.


Booking and purchase

You can book and pay for excursions or activities through our webside www.diskobay-tours.com
Reservations are finally confirmed when payment is completed and you receive a confirmation on your screen and email.

You can also book via email info@diskobay-tours.com We will need your name, email, phone and accommodation during your stay, so we can contact you in case of changes for your tour. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your email address or phone number.

Please notice that most of our tours has a minimum number of participants, in some cases we go through with fewer participants. If a tour has fewer participants and the tour is cancelled we do our best to find an alternative tour, time or day that match your wishes and fit into your program during your stay. If this is not possible, we refund the full amount.



On our website you can pay with Visa-Dankort, Visa, Mastercard and American Express 


Bank transfer

BANK of Greenland
               Reg. no. 6471     Account no. 1742024
               SWIFT kode GRENGLGX



The booking confirmation you receive via email, is also your ticket to the excursion. The ticket is personal and you must show when joining the tour.



Diskobay Tours reserves the right to cancel tours in the following cases: technical problems on boats or utv, bad weather, ice and snow conditions, too few participants or in cases outside the control of Diskobay Tours. In case of these matters the full amount will be refunded.

It is respectively only the captain of the boat, the lead musher or Diskobay Tours who decides if the weather permits the tour to start or not, not the costumers. Of course, we will do our best to try and find alternatives for you that match the tour and fit into your program for your stay.

Diskobay Tours does not take the responsibility for other operators’ excursions if changes in the program affects these.


Cancel by costumer

Cancel of a tour 30 days or more in advance full amount will be refunded.

Cancel of a tour less than 29 days in advance 70 % will be refunded.

Cancel of a tour less than 72 hours there will be no refund. 



When traveling in Greenland there may be delays within some of the transportation, Diskobay Tours is not responsible for these matters. It is your responsibility to inform Diskobay Tours if you are delayed and it could affect your tour with us. Of course, we will do our best to try and find alternatives for you that match the tour and fit into your program for your stay.


Changes in tours

Tours can, for various reasons, be shortened or changed due to weather conditions, ice conditions or safety issues.  It is your responsibility that Diskobay Tours have your contact information to inform you if there is any changes to your tour before the scheduled start.

The route or length of a sled tour is sometimes changed due to snow, ice or trail conditions. It is only the driver of the sled who decides how the tour get trough and no compensation or refund is given for changes or shortened tours.

Hikes can likewise be changes due to weather and trail conditions which do not allow the tour to go as planned. It is the guide on the hike alone, who decides this. No compensation or refund is given for a changes or shortened tour.

Boat tours can be changes in route and length due to weather conditions. There is no compensation or refund for any lacking or less time on land.


Meeting points

Tours within Qasigiannguit start at the meeting point by the Diskbobay Tours office.

Boat tours from Qasigiannguit start at the tourist pontoon near the harbour.

Boat tours from Ilulissat start at the tourist pontoon on the south side of the harbour.

Boat tours from Ilimanaq start at the meeting point, marked with a flag, in the middle of the settlement.

There might occur changes in the meeting points due to conditions that are out of our hands, this will be notified you through the contact information you have given us.


Difficulty level

Diskobay Tours operate with a level scale from 1-5

1 – easy
2 – easy / medium
3 – medium
4 – medium / difficult 
5 – difficult

We kindly ask you to be very honest when choosing your tours, including that the level of difficulty matches your physical achievement. You are responsible in case you are not able to complete a tour due to your physique. There is no refund or compensation, and any extra charges caused by interrupting the tour, will fall upon you.

Please notice that sled tours are carried out in a varied uneven terrain, there will be sudden movements and bumps during the tour, also the weather can change fast during the season. A general good physique is a must, especially a good back is important. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you.

Most tours arranged by Diskobay Tours are primarily for the active tourist. Risky or dangerous situations might occur, either in connection with or as a consequence of a trip. Ex. On a dogsled tour unexpected situations might occur, like bumps, the sled overturn, the dogs might start to run before the signal a.s.o. But also, on hikes and boat tours unexpected situations might occur.

In each case Diskobay Tours will endeavour to exercise as much caution as possible and take all relevant safety measure. However, we emphasise that choosing participation in our tours is your responsibility and that you hereby accept the inherent risks. Diskobay Tours is not liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense as a consequence of participation in our tours. You are kindly requested to carefully evaluate the situation and back out is you feel unsafe. 



Most of the tours arrenged by Diskoba Tours are pimerily for the actice tourist. Risky or dangerous situations can occur, either in connection with or as a consequece of a trip. As an example a dogsled ride unexpected situations might occur, such as bumps, the sled can turn over, the dogs can start primaturely and so on. But also on hikes or boattrips unexpected situations might occur.

Diskbobay Tours endeavour to exercise as much coution as possible and take all relevant safety measures. However, we emphasise that participation in our trips is the participant´s sole responsibility, and he/she thereby accepts the inherent risks. Diskobay Tours is not liable for any loss, damage, cost or expence as a consequence of participation in our trips. The participant is requested to carefully evaluete the situation and back out if he/she feels unsafe. 


Luggage and equipment

You can bring your luggage and equipment with you on tours, this will be at your own risk and if there is room at the sled / in the boat. Diskobay Tours is not responsible of any damage to passengers carried luggage or equipment.  

On a sled tour you might have to sit on your luggage. Therefore we recommend to pack light and in a duffle bag. Personal things, cameras, lunch pack and thermo should be packed in a daypack, which we hang on the back of the sled.

Please notice that on Glacier Adventure the space on the vehicles and boats are limited.



When booking an tour at Diskobay Tours we gather following information; name, gender, selected tours and possibly clothe- and shoesizea. Following information about the payer; address, email and means of payment.
If you booked a tour combining Diskobay Tours and another operator such as Air Greenland, Diskoline, Boat operators or tour operators your name will be passed on. Information is kept safe.

Diskobay Tours is responsible for your personal data is not passed on to another than the above mentioned parties.  Information is kept and transmitted non-crypted, however handled on a secure server. Credit card information is handled crypted through TrekkPay.

The webpage does not apply log statistic, though it does use cookies to register the purchase. Thereby allowing you to go to and from the webpage without cancelling the items in the cart.