Diskobay Tours is a tour operator based in Ilulissat, offering tours all seasons.

Book a tour with us, if you want a personal and fun tour. 
In our company we have a focus on service, happy memories and all with our backcround in the greenlandic culture.


To join our tours, you must arrive to Ilulissat. There are several nice accomodations owned by local families, but also the large international hotels. Contact your local travel agency or give us a mail or call.


During the summer you can join us glacier walking on Saqqarliup Sermia. But to get there, we need to sail with two different boats and then have a drive crossing land in a XTV. This is one of the greatest tours in the Diskobay. 
You can also join us on tours to Eqi Glacier, Icefiord sailing, looking for the animas on a Sea Safari or join on a daytrip to the beautiful and cozy town Qasigiannguit. Qasigiannguit is a small town wit approx. 1100 inhabitants, the museum in town is a close cooperator with us, here you find the unique collection of artefacts from the Saqqaqpeople. They were the first people living in Greenland, arriving approx. 2500 bc. 


During winter we are proud to take you on a fantastic adventure, traveling the traditional way, using the dogsled. Let go of your comfortzone and join us on an adventure, with no wi-fi and only our little group of people and the dogs. We can arrange tours traveling from a few hours to several days, with nights spend in a heated tent. If we are lucky, we will have the entertainment of the Northern light dancing above us.


Diskobay Tours has a team of local guides, skilled mushers and a huge pack of sleddogs.

We are all proud of our country and our culture, and we would love to share it all with you.


On these pages you can meet our team of guides. Some are only active during one season, others all year. 


Takuss / See you 


All pictures on this homepage is either by or for Diskobay Tours, or given to us as a gift. 
A special thank you to all the guests on the pictures and to the photografers:

Niels Arkaluk Heilmann, Naduk Heilmann, Tuuma Sørensen, Tina Norup, Alex Møberg, Jørgen Jensen, Corrado Bina, Maria Elena Gasperini, Lars Jensen, Henriette & Brian, Mark Mølgaard, Mamarut Nielsen, John Geisler, Rudolf Villadsen, Visit Greenland.