Glacier Adventure

Do you like adventures? Would you like to walk on a glacier and look down the craves in the ice?  Jump in the floatation suit and fasten the lifejacket.  We start in Ilimanaq and sail you to the beach Itilliup Ilua, just south of Ilimanaq. Here we start up the UTV and drive over land for aprox. 30 minutes before reaching the beach at the beginning of the Tasiusaq fiord. Now its time to sail in a open boat with 90 hk motor. One hour it will take us to sail the 40 km from one end to the other of the Tasiusaq fiord, passing by the opening to the Illulissat Icefiord, the dogsled track and a bird cliff before reaching our destination The Saqqarleq Glacier.  Enjoy your lunch in the beautiful surroundings with this in mind this group of people are the only ones in a radius of 35 km.  Now we start the hike that will take us to the glacier. We walk along the mountain, getting closer to the glacier edge. Maybe you hear the cracking of the ice and maybe you the some of the animallife in this remote area, but one thing is sure this is amazing. We step on the ice and here we provide you with spikes and hiking sticks before walking further up on the ice. Remember you walter bottle so you can taste the fresh and cold water.  If you are located in Ilulissat or Qasigiannguit please remember to book shuttle. Coffee and Tea included. Price 2.495,00 DKK from Ilimanaq  Minimum 4 persons Duration: 8 hours – Difficulty level: 1-2 Note: We ask for your size in order to give you a floatation suit that fits, remeber you wear all your warm clothes underneath. And please forgive us if we don't have excately your size, thank you.  

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Qasigiannguit - Ilimanaq Hike

Do you love to hike, but would you rather not carry all of your luggage, the tent and all gear?  Look no further, we can arrange that just for you.  We start our hike in Qasigiannguit and walk though the cosy town and follow the trail towards the fiord Eqalunnguit.  On day one we follow Eqalunnguit all day as we get closer to out campsite halfway to Ilimanaq.  At the end of the fiord we find our camp allready set up, our luggage and gear placed in the tents. While getting water for a nice cup of something warm, we can see if we are lucky to cath som arctic char in the stream, using just our hands the traditional way. Maybe this could be our dinner this night after a fantastic hike.  After breakfast day two we start the hike towards Ilimanaq, this hike will take us further into the backcountry and if we are lucky we just might see som of the fantastic animallife living here.  Note: Luggage and gear will be sailed to our destinations, you only carry a daypack with your lunch, water bottle and what your personal needs for a day in the mountains.  Dinner day one, breakfast and lunch day two is included in this tour. Aswell as transfer of luggage to campsite day one and to Ilimanaq day two, and all sleepinggear at campsite.  Price 3.250 dkk pr. person Minimum of 4 persons.  Duration: 2 days – Difficulty level: 4  

Qeqertaussuk - Akulliit

Want to see even more of the Diskobay, join us on this fantastic boattour. First stop is Qeqertassussuk, the site of the findings you see in the museum. From there we sail to the abandoned settlement Akulliit, now used as a recreation place for people living in Qasigiannguit.  Price 1.295 dkk pr. person 12 passengers closed boat Minimum 4 persons. Duration: 4 hours – Difficulty level: 1  

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Boattrip to the group of islands west of Qasigiannguit. The islands are known as a nesting area for arctic terns and razorbill, but also puffins are known on the islands. On the way from Qasigiannguit to Kitsissunnguit we might be lucky to see whales and seals.  Besides the fantastic bird life, the islands also has old turf ruins showing an old inuit settlement. Coffee and tea included. Price 1.495 dkk pr. person Minimum 4 persons. Duration: 6 Hours Difficulty level: 1

Cultural Citywalk

Join us on this personal guided tour around our beautiful town Qasigiannguit.  We start with a visit to the museum to see the fantastic collection of artefacts more than 4000 years old.  From the museum we walk past the heliport and many of the dogs, before walking down the mainstreet of the town. On the way your guide will tell you about the history from colony to now.    Note: The museum has a small gift shop, they only take cash.   Duration: 2 hours – Difficulty level: 1

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Meet the Sleddogs

Hear about the sleddog and the use of the it historic and today.  It is possible to see the feeding or watering of the dogs and even pet some of them.  The pack is between 35 and 40 dogs, and are an important part of Diskobay Tours, since they pull the sledges in the wintertime. Practical info: You might get dirty during this tour, so wear clothes that can handle it. Price 200 dkk pr. person Minimum 4 persons. Duration: 1,5 hour - Difficulty level: 1

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Qaqqarsuaq Hike

Bring your lunch on this beautiful guided hike to the mountain Qaqqarsuaq.  We follow the path south of the mountain and hike on the backside. It will take us aprox. 3 hours to reach the top 450 m, from where you will be able to see the stunning view of the Diskobay.  Price 450 dkk pr. person Minimum 3 persons. Duration: 6 hours - Difficulty level 3

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Eqalunnguit Hike

Join us on a beautiful hike along the lake Tasersuaq in the backcountry of Qasigiannguit.  We will guide you all the way to the point where the lake meets the fiord Eqalunnguit.  Taste the labrador tea while enjoying the view of the beautiful mountains. Coffee and tea will be provided by the guide Price 275,00 DKK Minimum 3 persons. Duration: 4 hours - Difficulty level: 2  

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Hike to Kangerluluk

A guided hike to the beach of Kangerluluk, Paradise Bay.  On the way we will pass the first placement of the colony Christianshåb and Bings cave and tell you the stories of theese places.  From the beach the hike continues back to the town.  Remember your waterbottle. Coffee and tea included. Price 250 dkk pr. person Minimum 3 persons. Duration: 3 hours - Difficulty level: 2 

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