Meet n' Greet the Arctic Sleddog

From DKK 250

We are proud to introduce you to our very own pack of well-trained and friendly sleddogs.
A storytelling into the heart of the inuit tradition with the fantastic greenlandic sleddog!
Lokaltion Ilulissat, Diskobay Tours Kennel
Duration 1,5 hours
Difficulty level 1 of 5
Price All guests     250 dkr / 37 euro
Group size 4-12 persons
Time of the year  All year
Inclusive Storytelling and lots of love from dogs
What to bring Dress warmly in layers, fitting the weather. Your camera.

Discover History & Heritage - Our expert guide will lead you through the fascinating history of these sled dogs, from their vital role in Arctic communities to their adaptation in the modern world.

Environmental Awareness - Learn about the challenges these dogs face due to modern advancements and climate change. By joining our tour, you're contributing to the preservation of this endangered breed.

Educational Insights - Dive deep into the Arctic's past and present as you gain insight into the sled dog's cultural significance. Our knowledgeable guide will share engaging stories and facts about these remarkable animals.

Interactive Experience - Get up close (with the owner's approval) to select dogs, discovering their individual personalities and traits. But remember, your safety is our priority; guests can only approach the dogs when given permission by the owner.

Gear and Traditions - Explore the specialized gear used for sledding and understand how it ties into the historical and modern-day usage of these dogs.

Outdoor Lifestyle - Witness how the Greenlandic sleddogs thrive in their natural habitat, and understand why their thick fur makes them outdoor companions rather than indoor pets.

Family-Friendly - Families seeking an educational and interactive outdoor experience that caters to all ages can enjoy bonding over this cultural and wildlife-focused adventure.

A Reminder - For the safety and comfort of our guests and these incredible animals, approaching the dogs without the owner's permission is prohibited.

From DKK 250

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Who is this tour for?
This adventure is perfect for the traveler seeking a blend of cultural immersion, outdoor exploration, and a deep appreciation for the unique bonds between humans and animals. Whether you're an avid adventurer or simply seeking a meaningful and memorable experience, this Meet n' Greet with the Arctic sleddog promises to leave an indelible mark on your Greenlandic journey.

For the safety and comfort of our guests and these incredible animals, approaching the dogs without the owner's permission is prohibited.



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Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with Greenland's cultural heritage and support the conservation of these remarkable animals. Experience firsthand the magic of DiskoBay Tours' pack of friendly and well-trained sleddogs!

- 1,5 hour tour
- Introduction to the tradition of dogsledding and the history of the sleddogs
- Inuit culturel heritage
- Authentic Arctic Sled dogs - Including their hugs
- Local guides  
- Supporting the Greenlandic culture and local investments