Glacier Adventure

From DKK 2'495

Prepare for an expedition filled with wonder, beauty, and the raw power of nature. This tour to Saqqarliup Glacier is a must for anyone seeking an adventure in one of the world's most mesmerizing destinations.
Lokation Ilimanaq harbour
Duration Approx. 7 hours
Difficulty level 3 of 5
Price 12 y.o and up 2495 dkr / 468 euro
Price 8-11 y.o 1245 dkr / 235 euro
Price 0-7 y.o We do not recommend this tour for younger children
Group size 4-10 persons
Inclusive Storytelling, local guide, lunch, coffee, tea and adventure
What to bring Dress in layers fit for the weather, the tour is walking. Your camera.

Scenic Boat Ride - Embark on an unforgettable journey by boat, cruising past the majestic mouth of the icefiord. The stunning views and glacial landscapes will be an awe-inspiring start to the day.

Argo Cross-Land Drive - Experience the thrill of traveling on an cross-land vehicle from the beach towards the Tasiusaq Fiord. The rugged terrain adds an element of adventure to the trip.

Boat Expedition - Transfer to another boat waiting at the beach of Tasiusaq Fiord for a 40 km expedition towards the the inland ice. The journey itself is an exhilarating part of the adventure.

Hiking Adventure - Upon reaching the beach, prepare for the next step of the tour, the hike. A short yet invigorating trek leads you to the grandeur of the inland ice, where you'll stand in awe of the vast, pristine landscape.

Exclusive Experience - With a maximum of 10 guests per tour, enjoy an intimate and personalized adventure. Your local guide ensures an informative and immersive journey, sharing insights into the area's history, ecology, and more.

Safety and Comfort - At DiskoBay Tours, your safety and comfort are paramount. You'll be equipped with a flotation suit and a life jacket before embarking on the boat ride. These gears ensure not only safety but also warmth and protection during the journey.

From DKK 2'495

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Who is this tour for
Anyone seeking adventure and mesmerizing Arctic beauty in a safe, small-group setting will love this tour to the glacier! It's perfect for nature enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those craving an immersive icy escapade.


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Experience the Arctic's wonders on an exclusive journey to the Inland ice, all within the safety of a small-group expedition

- approx. 7 hour tour
- Sailing, driving cross land, sailing and hiking  to a remote glacier 
- Storytelling 
- Beautiful scenery 
- Local guides  
- Supporting local smaller businesses