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  • City Walk

    A Journey Through Time and Culture   Lokation Ilulissat, Diskobay Tours Duration 2,5 hours Difficulty level 1 of 5 Price 12 y.o and up 325 dk...
    From DKK 325
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  • Daytour Qasigiannguit w. Nunaqarfik Uumasusilik

    This is a must if you want to learn more about Greenland prehistoric history. In the southeast of Disko Bay you find the beautiful small town Qasigiannguit. The town history begun in 1734 when t...
    From DKK 1'995
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  • Dogsledding 1,5 hours

    Captivating 1.5-hour dogsledding expedition through the mesmerizing landscapes of Greenland, where the ancient and storied tradition of mushing meets the pristine beauty of the Arctic.   ...
    From DKK 1'295
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  • Dogsledding 2 days

    2-day dogsledding adventure deep into the heart of Greenland's mesmerizing backcountry.   Lokation Ilulissat, Diskobay Tours Kennel Duration 2 days, 1 night ...
    From DKK 9'495
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  • Dogsledding 4 hours

    Experience the Arctic's splendor on an extended 4-hour dogsledding adventure through the stunning landscapes of Greenland.   Lokaltion Ilulissat, Diskobay Tours Kennel ...
    From DKK 2'295
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  • Eqi Glacier

    The thrilling adventure of exploring Eqi Glacier! This tour promises an unforgettable journey through the stunning Arctic landscapes of Greenland.   Lokation Ilulissat, Diskobay...
    From DKK 1'995
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  • Ilulissat Glacier Adventure

    Prepare for an expedition filled with wonder, beauty, and the raw power of nature. This tour to Saqqarliup Glacier is a must for anyone seeking an adventure in one of the world's most mesmeri...
    From DKK 3'485
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  • Meet n' Greet the Arctic Sleddog

    We are proud to introduce you to our very own pack of well-trained and friendly sleddogs. A storytelling into the heart of the inuit tradition with the fantastic greenlandic sleddog!   ...
    From DKK 250
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